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Opera Cryptocurrency Wallet Soon to come to Opera Touch for IOS

By Jamie Green – Crypto Dealer

Opera, the computer browser developer that was founded in 1995 in Norway, has announced the upcoming release of their crypto wallet for Opera Touch IOS users. The company begun with a devotion to introduce web browsing to all devices and continues to innovate the tech space. The decision comes after the successful launch of the crypto wallet and Dapp explorer in Opera for Android users allowing them to buy crypto through their device.

iOS users will soon be able to buy and sell cryptocurrency using the Web 3 browsing functionality to then store using an integrated crypto wallet. The Opera browser Web 3 currently supports Ethereum Dapps only which requires a user buy Ether to interact with the software. A report released from Fluence suggested 87% of Dapps run on the Ethereum network and these Opera users will have access to all these.

Further developments will come from the Ethereum community as suggest by Opera. As the browser supports all Ethereum Dapps, any new projects will become available to Opera Touch users. There are a huge number of Dapps currently in development on the Ethereum network that range from services to games that could become available to mobile users.

Tron and EOS are like Ethereum in the way that Dapps can be developed on their networks. If Opera was to develop support into their browser for these two blockchains, they could allow users access to almost all the Dapps on the market. Both these networks run on native cryptocurrencies requiring a user buy Tron or buy EOS to participate.

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