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Ontology Multi-chain Design

By Luke Flowers – Crypto Broker

The people behind blockchain-based network Ontology, which is responsible for deploying decentralized applications (Dapps), have voiced their displeasure about how a single blockchain can never meet all types of business requirements.

Numerous Blockchains are Required for Various Business Requirements

As found in a Medium blog post from the Ontology team on May 16th, 2019, the developers of Ontology assert that “blockchains with different architectures and features” are required for different business purposes. What’s also required are separate blockchain networks that communicate with one another. Without this, their “intended value” will never be “realized” if protocols are not made to promote blockchain interoperability. Being able to buy and sell cryptocurrency on one chain could be worthless if its unable to be integrated with current systems.

In order to promote communication between independent blockchains, the team at Ontology suggests creating a “multichain system.” To facilitate the development of this system, the developers behind the distributed trust network have released a design for a “lightweight and safe” multichain solution that can manage cross-chain communication. This solution could enable users to buy Ethereum or Tron for use on a Dapp within the Ontology network.

Allows Interaction Between Mainnet and Sidechains

As described in the blog post by the team, the solution here is to use the Ontology blockchain as the ‘main-chain’ with integration support for ‘side-chains’ whose architecture can be both compatible and different from that of the Ontology mainnet. The developers say that this type of setup also enables interaction between sidechains as well as from the mainchain.

Once a multichain contract is issued, it will manage every sidechain that is linked to the main blockchain of Ontology allowing the team to focus further on their projects development and encourage crypto selling and buying.

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