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Ontology Dapps to be Supported on the Infinito App Square

By Mark Lemon – Cryptocurrency Specialist

The Infinito Wallet has publicly announced that their Universal Dapp Browser will be undergoing a version update to allow the support of ONT Dapps. This announcement comes after joint efforts to integrate Ontology with the Infinito Wallet.

Both projects stated a formal collaboration back in August 2018 with Ontology gaining support on the Universal wallet in November 2018 with the latest development on the App Square. Users will be able to buy cryptocurrency native to the Ontology Mainnet which can also be used on the App Square Dapps.

The team claim that Infinito will become the most scalable Dapp browser on the market which will be able to integrate with a variety of other blockchains including Ethereum and EOS, two of the current largest Dapp markets. Infinito have not disclosed if users will be able to utilise cross-chain features that would enable someone to buy Ethereum for use on a Dapp on another blockchain through App Square.

The first ONT Dapp to be released on App Square will be a tower defence game called Deershooter. Many of the first Dapps entering the markets are game related but Infinito is hoping to also attract essential Dapps such as finance, education, news, exchange and compliance for the development of the platform. Some cryptocurrencies struggle to attract investors due to their uses, but a user could buy Ether or Ontology for use within Dapps on App Square.

Infinito introduced their wallet as a gateway for users to try and increase adoption and boost usage. Their wallet can hold Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), NEO, EOS, Cardano (ADA) and Ontology which are seen to be some of the leading Dapp platforms in development at this time. The cryptocurrencies that Infinito support suggests they are hoping to provide a cohesive service for interacting with these blockchains and their Dapps, hopefully helping increase adoption for those buying crypto.

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