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On October 25, SeaCoast will hold a $COAST Token Sale

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The public token sale for SeaCoast has been launched. SeaCoast is a nautical business employing web3 technology to pioneer new methods of exploring the world's waterways. 

The maritime environment that SeaCoast is building, centered on curated data of waterways and inlets, will be driven by the $COAST token. Explorers will be able to get detailed and current information in order to improve their interactions with local touchpoints.

ShoreView, PortView, and PaperBoat are three programs that SeaCoast has created to help achieve this objective. Together, the applications open up fresh avenues for interacting with coastal resources and compensate human curators for their information sharing.

ShoreView is a virtual assistant that uses augmented reality to make coastal travel easier and displays the user both what is visible to the naked eye and what is not. With the use of augmented reality and auditory guidance, PortView makes mooring boats easier. Given that 70% of incidents involving hired boats take place at the mooring location, it is the marine equivalent of Google Maps' "how to get there" feature. The Booking.com of sailing, PaperBoat is a mooring reservation manager. As the CEO of the business and the creator of Jazztel, DigiMobil, and a dozen other firms, Jose Manuel Arnaiz explains, "We do not think of tokens as a chance to capture resources, but as a manner from which we may advertise specific services and enhance the recurrence of users on the platform."

In fact, people who share the knowledge they gain through exploring or navigating along the coast are rewarded with $COAST tokens. Sharing geo-referenced content that other users may see on augmented reality maps earns them tokens. Greater users will earn tokens and level up to unlock more prizes as more information about coastal regions is shared on the network.

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