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Nouriel Roubini, an economist, is criticized by CZ and called disrespectful

David – Crypto Speculator 

  • Following the FTX crash, critics are attempting to put Binance's CEO in an unfavorable light

  • A professor of economics referred to Binance and its CEO as a ticking time bomb

  • The CEO of Binance said that those who focus on negative energy never succeed in life

Apparently, some detractors have been seeking to characterize Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) unfavorably following the failure of FTX, the once-second-largest cryptocurrency exchange.

Professor of economics Nouriel Roubini said that Binance and its CEO were ticking time bombs in a recent economic symposium. Additionally, Roubini said that the US Justice Department was looking into $8 billion in money laundering. At a different economic conference, CEO Zhao addressed the professor while taking questions from CNBC reporters. He said that most reviewers are working hard to get famous by disparaging others, thus the exchange didn’t care what they had to say. According to him, those who concentrate on negative energy typically remain in poverty and never succeed in life.

Professor Roubini has requested that Binance's operating license be revoked and that the company's CEO is expelled from the UAE.  Roubini was criticized by CZ for advising which visitors a nation should exclude from its borders. The CEO continued by stating that Binance had many licenses in the US and many other nations, making it the exchange with the most crypto-related licenses internationally. The CEO also made it clear that Binance was not prohibited from conducting business in the UK, but rather that they had not yet received regulatory permission from the British government.

However, verified Twitter account @KimDotcom, who has over a million followers, has been spreading false information about the CEO of Binance. They assert that Binance contributed to the demise of FTX.

The times are sensitive, but let’s not forget that history repeats itself. It’s not the first collapse of the crypto exchange in the history of crypto and every time that happened everyone started to question other platforms. Even though the collapse of FTX is the largest hit to cryptocurrency so far, we cannot fault Binance for it. It was FTX that was playing with funds that never belonged to them.

As we go down deeper into the winter, the fresh breath of warm sunlight is always unexpected in the midst of darkness. The cycle purifies crypto from the bad players and sets the ground for new, more reliable space.

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