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Nifty's And Warner Bros Are Selling Matrix NFT Avatars For $50

By Taylor - Cryptocurrency Professional - 02-12-2021

In late November 2021, companies Nifty’s and Warner Bros have been selling crypto art, also known as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for only $50 per piece. The NFTs for sale are avatar skins for the Matrix realm. For clarification, the avatar skins are in no way the same characters from the Matrix films, nor do they resemble them. The characters for sale are intended to be inspired by the movies rather than mimicking the characters themselves, this way people can essentially have their own character. The avatar skins are completely random and were created using Epic Games’ MetaHuman Creator Programme.

According to the sellers, when investors buy crypto character skins they will be able to live in the Matrix world through having a particular persona. If investors are looking to purchase any Matrix NFTs, they can do so with either fiat or cryptocurrency. For investors looking to purchase with crypto, they will first need to buy cryptocurrency to use as payment; more specifically, they will need to ensure they are holding the correct cryptos that are used on the NFT platform. To ensure many fans can get the chance to buy an NFT, there is a 5 NFT restriction per account. Reportedly, there are 100,000 matrix avatars available.

Aside from the Matrix, there are many other film based NFTs available for purchase in the market. One example is Tarantino, which published a collection recently by releasing NFTs for its 1994 pulp fiction film. Other films include Blade Runner, Hunger Games, Twilights, and Saw, all of which were collections released in recent months.

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