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NHL and Sweet collaborate to provide digital collectibles

Gus – Cryptocurrency Expert

The National Hockey League (NHL), along with its Alumni Association and Players' Association, declared on Thursday that it has entered into a multiyear cooperation arrangement with NFT platform Sweet to introduce a digital collectibles market.

The NHL's marketplace would include a full-fledged NFT Market trading platform with a website that enables momentary NFT drops, according to David Lehanski, the league's executive vice president of business development and innovation.

Before the 2022–2023 season begins, the NHL Sweet marketplace will launch in October so that fans may have a taste of creating an NFT marketplace with unique drops. Lehanski claims that the NHL also plans to include "questing and collecting" components to gamify NFTs. Some of the NFT crypto, which are designed to be dynamic, may alter over time depending on player performance.

NFTs will also be minted as cinematic game highlights from previous and current NHL seasons or surprise packs of NFTs that may be exhibited in 3D interactive trophy rooms.

Lehanski stated that the NHL wasn't nearly ready to disclose the specific blockchain on which the project will be based. However, depending on Sweet's services, there are rumors that it may be on Polygon or Tezos. Low gas prices and environmental sustainability are two things that are being considered, he added. The NHL's move follows the adoption of NFTs by other major league sports organizations including the NBA, MLB, and NFL.

The NHL's NFTs, according to Sweet CEO Tom Mizzone, are not just for fans who are new to cryptocurrency, but also for seasoned NFT collectors.

It will unquestionably appeal to that degen culture, but not to the extent that it excludes client bases with fewer fanatical interests.

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