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NFTs Now Have Human DNA Sequences?

By Ollie H - Crypto Consultant - 15-04-2021

A crypto selling user known as "Cybex Dreamer" had made a new listing selling their DNA as a non-fungible token (NFT) for sale on OpenSea's digital marketplace. This includes the identifier, chromosome number, base pair location, and genotype; this NFT seller has put their DNA, the 3 NFTs up for auction, with each token containing one-third of their complete DNA sequence.

Even with it being just a sample of the seller’s genetic code and this data being"intended for genealogical research only," the first NFT bid is starting at 1 Ether (ETH), or around $2,463. There has yet to be a bid to buy crypto containing the user’s DNA at the time of release. There is, however, less than a day before the first auction concludes.

While this appears to be one of the few instances where an individual's DNA has been sequenced and minted on the blockchain, a business has announced that it will be selling DNA tokens for cryptocurrency trading enthusiasts. GenoBank.io intends to offer its customers the ability to build a biological NFT, allowing them to retain some control of their DNA.

In America, questions of privacy about one's DNA can be contentious and are not fully established in a court of law. In its Combined DNA Index System, or CODIS, the Federal Bureau of Investigation maintains a highly extensive database of genetic samples linked to cases such as sexual harassment and missing persons. In most cases, a court order filed on behalf of the holder is required to remove a DNA sample from the system.

The OpenSea consumer did not state that they are attempting to test any legal or ethical limits by allowing a random individual to possess a copy of their DNA sequence. However, if DNA is used as it is in dystopian sci-fi films like Gattaca, someone might theoretically get information on their ancestry, predispositions to genetic diseases, and how to commit identity theft at some stage.

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