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NFTs Might be the Gateway for More Women In Crypto

By Jamie G - Crypto Professional - 30-07-2021


In the cryptocurrency trading industry, women are reported to be underrepresented. As cryptocurrency and DeFi addresses more services and products, many believe this gender-gap could be solved with nonfungible token (NFT) projects.

The founder and host of Women in Blockchain Talks, Lavinia Osbourne, states that nonfungible tokens may provide a gateway for like-minded women looking to enter an industry mostly powered by men like crypto and blockchain.

Ever since March 2020, at the beginning of Covid lockdowns, the dilemma left many in financial uncertainty. According to Osbourne, one prime example is that many people had to face unemployment. The tragedy that led more and more people to look to online sources has pushed many women towards investing in cryptocurrency after leaving their careers. 

Lavinia talks about how the surge in popularity and media coverage of NFTs and cryptocurrency investments 2021 had made the entire industry more relatable to creative and artistic individuals.

Osbourne said, "I think NFTs are a good pathway to entice people into the space."

Osbourne’s claims were confirmed by the success of an NFT project recently established by That '70s Show and Family Guy star Mila Kunis. 

Mila Kunis started her crypto project in the peak of the pandemic and she described the industry as a "very masculine area." However, she didn’t let the gender dominance phase her and later pioneered the NFT project Stoner Cats, which featured famous people from Hollywood and the crypto space. As of writing, Mila sold 10,420 NFTs in under 35 minutes earlier this week alone.

Osbourne stated that, even with women joining the NFT industry, there was still a shortage of women in crypto and blockchain technology companies. Lavinia noted that women make up around 34% of those working in the tech business but only 12% of those working in blockchain. 

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