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NFTs Inspired by Advanced Digital Art From 1985 have been Released by the Artist

By Tyler – Crypto Broker - 31/12/2021

NFTs have become increasingly popular as the new crypto to fiat off-ramp for many traders. Alan Tibbetts created three distinct works of digital photography at Lightspeed Computers in Boston in 1985, some years before Adobe Photoshop was released, and even a greater time before NFT and cryptocurrency trading were known. Francis Olshafskie, an artist and entrepreneur, established the computer-generated imaging software firm to employ cutting-edge photographers. After that, Alan used the program to create artwork using the new tools it came with, as well as his own pictures and images he'd gathered from the print media.

Except for Andy Warhol, few artists in the business were aware of the groundbreaking technique at the time the three digital pictures were created. He was using an Amiga computer to create digital drawings at the time. Alan's photos were inspired by current events such as hostage-taking terrorists, prominent cigarette advertising and an Ethiopian famine. Given the lack of digital painting and editing tools at the time, plus the cost of borrowing computer time, his work was raw and primitive.

Light Valve Technology was used to save the virtual information on the direct positive slides through a film recorder for this new media. At a nearby lab, he had each of the slides turned into a single Cibachrome print. Each of his three NFTs consists of a high-resolution digital version of the photo, Adobe Content Credentials, the original slide transparency, and a single Cibachrome print size roughly 11x14", signed, stamped and housed in a preservation container.

With barely two days remaining, the three photos in the NFT series, Bomb Pop, Escape to Continue, and Alive with Pleas(ure), have garnered only 12 bids on OpenSea. To start owning NFT’s, Buy Ether with us today and receive it to your wallet.

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