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NFTs From Ertha Land Are Building in Popularity

By Ollie - Crypto expert - 03-11-2021

In recent days we are seeing the cryptocurrency market reach all-time highs, with many crypto market investments recovering from the major crash earlier this year. Cryptocurrency, however, is not the only form of crypto-based asset that is on the rise lately.

Reportedly, the NFT industry is growing in popularity and also seeing an increase in investment engagement across the market. One NFT collection especially is witnessing a significant rise in sales. Ertha NFTs is one of the top P2E (pay to earn) gaming projects in the Metaverse. Ertha already has a remarkable product-market fit while maintaining its own NFT selling round. The Erthaverse is a 3D simulation in the virtual reality gaming realm based on a futuristic Earthland.

The futuristic Earthland is reportedly divided into around 350,000 individual land plot NFTs. The NFT plots individually are equipped with their own resources and characteristics. Buyers, also known as landowners, would be enrolled in a permanent and life-like simulation. Much like many simulation games, landowners are able to design their in-game own virtual houses, engage in politics, and personalise their lands. Landowners can even monetise their plots and make real money by building the economy within the game.

When Ertha first released its NFT collection in a private sale, around 2,000 HEX were sold to individual owners. Within Ertha's simulation, the NFT plots for Saudi Arabia had sold out in a matter of a few hours. Saudi Arabia within the game represents a country that's very oil-rich on Earth; its speedy sell out only further proves the large interest in buying crypto art. Reportedly, many virtual plots and lands are continuously being bought. Entire regions and countries were being sold out across the Ertha globe. 

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