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NFTs for the NFL Draft in 2022 are now available on Flow

By CJ - Crypto Speculator 

The National Football League (NFL) has entered the realm of NFTs once more. The NFL is commemorating the 2022 NFL Draft with a new NFT collection this year. The event, which will take place later this week on April 28-30, will offer digital collectibles inspired by each of the league's 32 teams and will feature card-themed digital collectibles. That could be a great digital collectable to own and great crypto market investment.

The NFL Draft NFTs made their debut on the league's own Polygon-based platform on Monday. Each NFT cost $52 and each team got access to 52 of them. The newest collectibles were also made on the Flow blockchain rather than the Polygon blockchain, in contrast to other NFL NFT drops.

Despite the fact that each NFT is billed as a "virtual commemorative ticket" for the NFL Draft, It would not be valid for entry into the live event in Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, this year's "Inner Circle" attendees will get NFTs attached to an onsite prize contest, which includes fans picked to represent each club on draught night.

The league is still looking into the possibilities of NFTs as crypto assets and how to make them more user-friendly. It used the technology in February to create virtual commemorative tickets for Super Bowl LVI. In addition, the NFL has created commemorative NFC tickets based on previous Super Bowl title games.

Since launching the NFT marketplace, the NFT has allegedly awarded over 500,000 NFTs related to ticket purchases, according to a league official. Nearly half of the 500,000 were personally dealt with by their owners, a figure the league deems a triumph in terms of engagement.

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