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NFTs Are Soon To Mint as RSC Fights Inequality With The RSC Fund

Gus – Cryptocurrency Expert

  • The RSC fund will be used by RSC to address the financial and gender disparities in the racing sector
  • 30% of all royalties from NFT secondary market fees will go towards the RSC Fund
  • The RSC collection struck on June 29

Racing Social Club (RSC), the organization behind NFT collecting, plans to gather money to combat inequity and help racing drivers.

The team will utilize the RSC fund to address financial and gender imbalance, two of the most prevalent problems in the racing sector, according to a press statement shared with CQ.

RSC notes that some drivers find it difficult to get the money necessary to enter the racing industry. Simona de Silvestro, a test and development driver for the Tag Heuer Porsche Formula E team, made the interesting statement that beginning a career in racing "requires a large commitment" in an interview with Julius Bär. RSC wants to help racers with their financial issues by using the money.

Additionally, RSC wants to promote gender equality. Racing driver Bianca Bustamante acknowledged that women find it challenging to compete in such a male-dominated field in a recent AMA with RSC. The team's goal is to increase awareness of gender inequality "until there is no differentiation between men and women inside the sport of racing," even though they did not go into specifics about how the RSC grant will be utilized in this case. A total of 30% of all royalties from secondary market fees in transactions involving the RSC NFT collection will go into the RSC Fund. To let community members to vote on issues like choosing the fund beneficiaries, the system also includes a DAO framework.

3,333 Racers are randomly produced as part of the NFT Racing Social Club in the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT includes benefits including race weekends, eSports competitions, entertainment, VIP experiences, voting privileges for our fund, and freebies. The RSC collection struck on June 29.

On its website, the RSC team states that in order to expand the Racing Social Club brand and give its community additional unique perks, they will engage with racers and plan events.

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