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NFT Highlights: Murakami's Rethink, Artist's Big Win, and Krapopolis Takes Flight

David - Cryptocurrency Specialist

In the ever-evolving NFT market, several recent events have caused ripples.

Murakami Reassesses His NFT Approach

Prestigious Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami, known for iconic works since the late 1980s, has expressed uncertainty over future NFT releases. Having dived into the NFT crypto world in 2021, Murakami launched two notable NFT collections: the Clone X series in collaboration with RTFKT in December 2021 and the Murakami.Flowers series in May 2022.

Despite the latter's initial hurdles and a launch during an NFT market downturn, the collection still realized a whopping 26,713 Ether, equivalent to $42.52 million based on OpenSea data.

A Legal Victory in the NFT Market

NFT artist Danny Casale, known to many as Coolman Coffeedan, recently triumphed in a multi-million-dollar contract spat against Web3 art agents, DigiArt. At the heart of the dispute was a solo NFT venture by Casale titled "Coolman’s Universe" which has since amassed a significant 26,399 ETH or $42 million in secondary sales.

Despite DigiArt's breach of contract claims, the court sided with Casale, pinpointing multiple gaps and ambiguities in the contract.

NFT Entertainment: Krapopolis Takes Center Stage

Krapopolis, an NFT-integrated animated series brainchild of Dan Harmon (of Rick and Morty fame), is poised for its long-awaited debut. Scheduled to premiere on FOX, this comedic series set in ancient Greece will then join FOX's revered Animation Domination lineup. Unique to this series is its NFT collection, "Krap Chickens," granting holders special privileges and exclusive content.

NFTs Empower Artists in Remote Areas

While some might dismiss Non Fungible Tokens as overhyped, Ben Fowler, an artist based in rural Victoria, Australia, emphasizes the transformative potential of non-fungible tokens for artists in remote areas. Through NFT coins, he successfully showcased his art to a worldwide audience without relocating to metropolitan hubs, attesting to the democratizing power of NFTs for artists everywhere.

In Other NFT News:

  • Casey Rodarmor, lead developer at Bitcoin Ordinals, has mooted a protocol number system revamp to streamline the project.

  • Proof of Play, spearheaded by Farmville's co-creator, Amitt Mahajan, recently secured $33 million in funding to pioneer Web3 games, as announced on Sept. 21. Notably, Twitch co-founder, Emmett Shear, is on board.

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