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NFT Goes Outer Space Collection: Influencers of Cryptocurrency Launches The First Space Sunrise 2022

By Mark - Cryptocurrency Professional - 01-01-22

Cryptocurrency transcended its limited potential by having the first space collection of NFTs. This is possible as the promoters of crypto were aided by the International Space Station. The role of the ISS will serve as the venue where the capturing of images, particularly of earth, will be made possible. There will be a live presentation of photographs of the world available for release. The event was named as "The First Space Sunrise 2022" which will also expose how NFTs were made before having Bitcoin (BTC) sell price, as it becomes available for buyers to buy trusted Bitcoin instantly. Aside from unveiling this breakthrough, there will also be a forum that will tackle the recent developments and other projections of its performance.

This event will not be more meaningful without the aid of different cryptocurrency specialists and founders. Amelia Tomasichio, the founder and CEO of Cryptonomist in Italy, Burnt Banksy, the CEO of Brent Finance, Bailey Tan, an Investment Analyst at Defiance Capital, Ikuma Ueno, the DEA's Head of Crypto Strategy, Kozu Yamada, the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of DEA, and others were among the prominent cryptocurrency enthusiasts behind the said event. They will be the speakers who will share something about their NFT journey.

As influencers of cryptocurrency are showcasing NFT’s possible capabilities, many individuals were inspired to buy and sell cryptocurrency. The market of non-fungible tokens becomes clearer and more interesting, with the help of the aforementioned specialists and founders as well.

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