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NFT Ecosystems to be Dominated by Entertainment Crossovers

By Mark L. - Crypto Broker - 02-04-2021

The film and entertainment industry has seen huge success from crossovers. Marvel has turned them into franchises, and Star Trek has always embraced them. Characters are taken from one series into another who share the same universe and knowledge, as 5D theatre experiences also evolve the movie experience. As entertainment and gaming technology expands at its current rate, crossovers may be about to take over the rapidly expanding space of non-fungible tokens, also known as NFTs.

Much of the recent emphasis has been on the high prices that digital asset collectors are now spending on art NFTs of imagery, while other buyers have been auctioning and buying crypto cards and packs backed by blockchain protocols. Individuals have bought NBA and Garbage Pail Kids trading cards. They've collected Atari video game boxes and bought and sold photos of William Shatner. One blockchain firm even minted their own Banksy art piece by burning the original canvas on air!

As well as digital assets, virtual gaming is also being revolutionized. Upland is a blockchain-based game that allows players to visit San Francisco, Manhattan, Fresno, and Brooklyn. They can also Buy crypto real estate. Users pay for the property with UPX, a digital currency, and can benefit from their virtual properties and land. The more they own, the greater their collections will become and the more income they will be able to produce. The game will soon host live events and virtual cafés where players can connect and discuss their NFT holdings.

Until now, however, entities of sites like Upland have remained isolated from the landscapes of digital Garbage Pail Kids or art and music. In an exciting move, Upland will begin incorporating assets from a different NFT world into the game on April 6. Collaborating with Blockchain Heroes, an NFT-based card pack, collectors will be able to use their digital belongings.

Users will have the ability to submit their cards into Upland through a portal and use them as game pieces. Some cards will be more valuable than others, and players will be able to buy and sell cryptocurrency cards in-game, bringing a new dimension of gameplay to the platform.

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