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New York Times Using Blockchain to Fight Fake News

By Jamie Green - Cryptocurrency Investor

CoinDesk first broke the news back in March that the New York Times Company introduced plans regarding its existing blockchain publishing experiments. Now, a new website for the publisher’s News Provenance Project shows how the New York Times’ Research and Development team is set on using the Hyperledger Fabric’s blockchain to certify news photographs in their partnership with tech giant IBM’s accelerator program, IBM Garage.

The project aims to fight off misinformation, which as a result harms both small and large publishers alike. Negative news can cause holders to sell Bitcoin in uncertainty and the news may not be authentic. The website states that as an outcome of misinformation, “News consumers are deceived and confused, eventually become fatigued and apathetic to the news.” Once this happens, a user is unlikely to act upon news information, possibly for an opportunity to sell Ethereum or crypto, even if it is true.

From July up until late 2019, the New York Times, as well as partnering companies, will run a proof-of-concept in order to maintain trust in digital files. The project hopes to store the "contextual metadata" of news items on the Hyperledger fabric so it is immutable for all such as the writer and information considering how it was edited and published.

The website says its purpose is to create a “set of signals that can travel with published media anywhere that material is displayed,” This could even be used in group chats, search results and on social media for validation. Information on social media would be verifiable and a user would have greater reassurance to act on it and buy or sell Litecoin if needed.

Throughout the process, the Times will publish updates on the project until a full report is released after the pilot concludes.

More confirmation came from a tweet from Vivian Schiller, CEO of Civil Media who previously worked with the New York Times, as well as a lengthy Medium post from the program's project lead, Sasha Koren. Check them out for further information on the development.

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