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New Wallet In Development To Allow Cryptocurrency Payments Through Whatsapp

By Tyler Smith – Crypto Broker

A new wallet provider, Wuabit, is aiming to promote the adoption of cryptocurrencies by developing a wallet that will allow users to interact with digital currency services through WhatsApp. This will allow users to send, receive, trade and conduct other tasks with Bitcoin initially through the messaging service.

Wuabit have expressed plans to integrate support for popular cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ether suggesting a user could sell Ethereum or the other cryptos through the service.

Further to adding support for other cryptocurrencies, Wuabit is planning to integrate the service with other messaging apps such as Telegram and Facebook messenger as well as Viber. Soon we could trade or sell Bitcoin through Facebook’s Messenger app. Integrating with popular messenger services is an objective of Wuabit as they believe more people may be willing to give cryptocurrencies a chance through a familiar application. These messenger services have huge user bases which could be utilised to gain further exposure for the crypto industry.

Though this service could help increase cryptocurrency adoption, it is yet to be seen if this could increase crypto selling and buying. The service still requires the user to know about it and can take additional steps to enable crypto transactions.

Other ways companies are trying to increase adoption is through the integration of digital wallet services into popular products. Samsung recently announced their flagship S10 will feature a built-in crypto wallet. This wallet could be used to directly buy or sell cryptocurrency increasing exposure of the markets.

With many new innovative concepts, we are surely going to see further integrations with popular services and products to utilise the unique features cryptocurrencies bring.

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