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New Super App Noones Empowers Financial Freedom in Global South, Introduced by Bitcoin Entrepreneurs

CJ - Cryptocurrency Specialist

Noones, a new financial communication app, has been launched by a team of Bitcoin (BTC) entrepreneurs. The app is now available in private beta and aims to promote financial freedom in the Global South by offering a messenger for peer-to-peer trades, a Bitcoin wallet operating at cost, and a peer-to-peer marketplace. In the coming weeks, the app is set to have instant swaps and Lightning support.

Nicholas Gregory, CEO of CommerceBlock, Yusuf Nessary, co-founder of the Built With Bitcoin Foundation, and Bernard Parah, CEO and co-founder of Bitnob, make up the founding team of Noones. Their goal with the software is to use Bitcoin to unlock the actual potential of the Global South and put an end to economic apartheid since they believe that peer-to-peer trading is the only kind of truly free trade. In contrast to pure conversation platforms, Noones' Messenger offers an assured trade alternative with an escrow and a local moderator to resolve disputes. The application tries to monetize chat and provide users with value.

Noones is inspired by Bitcoin adoption already taking place in the Global South, and the founding team hopes that the app will help unite the region with communications, payments, and a store of value. The app is "pro-human, pro-trade, and pro-Bitcoin," according to a press release. The team's goal is to solve financial discrimination and provide an inclusive solution that can strengthen economies and give people a fighting chance. However, Noones is not available for users in the United States or any other country on their blocked countries list due to regulatory restrictions.

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