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New offers on crypto products since Coinbase and Dutch central bank agrees on cooperation

Dave - Bitcoin Specialist

According to a statement from Coinbase, they are now formally registered with the Dutch Central Bank (De Nederlandsche Bank or DNB). It is the first significant cryptocurrency exchange in the world to receive DNB regulatory clearance.

After successfully registering with the DNB as a crypto service provider, Coinbase is now able to deliver its full range of retail, institutional, and ecosystem goods and services to its Dutch consumers.

Coinbase stated in their announcement blog post that they view this registration as a very important turning point in the company's ongoing global expansion.

The cryptocurrency exchange has also expressed its opinion on the success of the regulatory approval. Regulations, according to Coinbase, promote the growth of cryptocurrencies. Setting clear guidelines promotes an atmosphere that is favorable to innovation and development while boosting public and policymakers' confidence in the sector.

Nana Murugesan, vice president of internal and business development at Coinbase, has stated that the company wants to work with regulators, governments, and policymakers to become the most secure and trustworthy platform in the world. “Coinbase prides itself on being a compliance-driven company.” he continued. “The Netherlands is a crucial market for cryptocurrencies outside of the US, thus I'm very looking forward to Coinbase introducing the possibilities of the crypto economy to the market here.”

With specific hubs located out of Ireland, the UK, and Germany, Coinbase presently provides crypto goods and services throughout 40 European nations. However, the platform plans to continue its growth in other important areas by registering and applying for licenses by local regulations.

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