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New Cryptocurrency Exchange Voltaire.Cash Has Launched

The first ever cryptocurrency exchange has launched with the base trading pair of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Launching on 24th September Voltaire.cash will initially offer a trading pair of Bitcoin against BCH with hopes of adding a BCH pair against Ethereum and Dogecoin.

The exchange will have the focus on security and transparency with low trading fees. Voltaire.cash hopes to drive cryptocurrency adoption by reinvesting into BCH projects that innovate and create utility. A cryptocurrency needs use cases for full adoption and funding these projects could create mores services such as being able to sell Bitcoin Cash for amenities.

The London-based business is using a RESTful API reportedly built from the ground up. This allows programmatic access to the BCH markets along with a high-speed, low latency trading engine. A trader with an order to sell Bitcoin Cash during periods of high trading frequency should incur no delays.

Voltaire.cash have no plans to rush into listing multiple pairings but instead will be building features that users want through feedback. This shows a commitment to make the platform accessible and tailor the experience to the needs of the users.

Within the coming months users will be able to sell Ethereum and Dogecoin through the platform against BCH. The platform is bringing these trading pairs through feedback of the community. If the community request a listing to sell Ripple, then the platform may well listen.

There aren’t a lot of exchanges to sell Bitcoin Cash with numbers that support a base trading pair in single digits. Releasing Voltaire.cash shows a commitment to drive adoption, increase awareness and liquidity for the BCH community.

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