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New Brokerage Platform Enters the Space

By Jamie Green – Crypto Broker

In January of this year, Netherlands-based retail brokerage BUX acquired cryptocurrency investment platform Blockport, as reported through CryptoPotato. Upon the acquisition, the company decided to rebrand as BUX crypto and integrate under the same branding. On the 8th of April, it officially announced the launch of its cryptocurrency investment platform and investors can now buy and sell crypto using Euros.

The major focus of the company is to cater to the young investors within Europe who want to start crypto trading and get involved with buying and selling cryptocurrency. It is a commission-free trading platform for digital currencies and BUX are running a special launching promotion too. The first five thousand fully onboarded users gain the option to trade with zero commission whilst earning BUX tokens. After this promotion has ended, all users are offed commission-free trading providing they hold at least 2,500 BUX tokens.

Currently, the platform supports the trading of Bitcoin (BTC), XRP, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and their own BUX token with further assets to be added in the future. This is a far smaller line up compared to our extensive list of supported assets on BC Bitcoin. Once BUX crypto registers with the Dutch Central Bank as a cryptocurrency services provider, it will begin building trust as a place to buy Ethereum, Bitcoin, XRP as well as others.

The platform is available to 25 European countries and BUX has chosen to focus on younger investors with their product due to a rising demand. BUX hopes these young investors will make a Bitcoin investment and perhaps continue to use their platform for their trading.

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