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NetCents to Introduce Crypto Credit Card

Canadian-based payments processing company, NetCents is reportedly introducing a crypto credit card to increase mainstream adoption. The card will be accepted at 40 million merchant locations around the world to directly contend with Visa and Mastercard. The new credit card service is scheduled for operation by the end of 2018; reaching European clients at the beginning of 2019. A functional service such as this could induce crypto buying for consumers worldwide.

NetCents cards do not require any pre-loading of digital currencies which will eliminate the risk of price fluctuations between the loading and spending. The service has instant settlement technology to convert your cryptocurrency holdings into fiat. This will benefit users by providing them with a facility for purchases and merchant pay-outs in real time.

Cardholders can spend any three NetCents supported digital currencies with the ability to link their cards to their native wallets to spend their cryptocurrency holdings. The card will feature a pin, magnetic strip, chip and NFC much like a regular payment cards with integration options into the NetCents mobile app.

Further integrations include the loyalty program into the cryptocurrency credit card program to offer rewards based on cryptocurrency expenditure. Users will be able to buy Bitcoin to then spend on their card to gain these rewards. The card is currently able to support Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC) with plans to introduce Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in the future as a payment option. Users will soon be able to use their holdings or buy Bitcoin Cash for a payment option.

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