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NetCents to Facilitate Cryptocurrency Banking through Launching a Crypto Banking Stack

By Jamie Green – Crypto Expert

NetCents Technology Inc. is an online electronic payment service provider able to offer clients and merchants services for managing electronic payments through a variety of methods and platforms for processing. NetCents is hoping to be the next generation eWallet, crypto exchange and payment processor for businesses and individuals as a one-stop shop for financial services. Any institutions integrated with the banking stack will be able to offer their clients services to buy cryptocurrency.

NetCents has been described as a cryptocurrency hub company soon to provide financial institutions with access to their existing hardware and software. Clients of these institutions will gain access to a fully integrated crypto processing and transaction service to buy and sell Bitcoin.

The major cryptocurrencies will be supported through the banking stack allowing users to buy Bitcoin cash or buy Litecoin. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin will be available to begin, with the possibility of supporting more coins in the future. NetCents can make modifications to the legacy systems they currently use to launch the banking stack and will not require the development of cryptocurrency processing technology.

As the project does not require much development, it will cost less to launch, and they can start providing low-cost crypto-ready processing for clients much sooner. These accounts have been stated to hold the same functionality as standard checking and savings accounts but with access through their current online bank profiles to buy and sell cryptocurrency along with storage.

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