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NEO Teams with Zeux to Support Cryptocurrency Payments for Goods and Services

By Luke Flowers – Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

The NEO smart economy discloses a recent collaboration with the Zeux project to bring cryptocurrency payments for goods and services through both Apple and Samsung Pay. Users will soon be able to buy cryptocurrency and use through these services using Zeux’s infrastructure.

The app functions in the way that it converts a user’s cryptocurrency to fiat to then pay for products and services. The merchant is then more likely to accept payments as they aren’t receiving Bitcoin over the counter but fiat, gaining no exposure to the price volatility. The system will take care of the conversion for users who may choose to buy ether or another crypto as an investment, taking away any barriers exchanging this back to fiat before making a purchase.

Opening the opportunity for supporters of NEO to use the coin in stores that accept Apple and Samsung Pay, is great news for the project to increase adoption. One major reason for why adoption isn’t higher is due to users not being provided with viable options to use the cryptocurrency they’ve invested in. Zeux hopes to be recognised as an all-in-one financial service provider for a natural way to buy crypto and invest, bank and pay for goods and services.

Zeux is FCA regulated providing the reassurance users may need to use the service. NEO was chosen as Zeux believes they are providing the tools needed for projects to create and launch their own smart contracts which can be utilised through the strategic partnership to help build Zeux’s infrastructure.

If you are looking to buy crypto UK to make your purchases through the Zeux application in stores that accept Apple and Samsung Pay, then look no further that our platform. Don’t forget you can also buy and sell bitcoin and keep yourself informed on the latest news over on our ‘Articles’ page

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