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NBA Action Figures Drop from Hasbro's Starting Lineup with NFT Trading Cards

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Kids from the 1990s will be delighted to see NBA action figures back in action and better than ever since nostalgia is a compelling emotion. Yes, comparable non fungible tokens will now be included with the $50 action figures that feature some of the greatest NBA players of all time, including LeBron James, Steph Curry, Anthony Davis, and others.

The NBA's Opening Five Is Back

NBA fans will have the opportunity to create their starting lineup with the NBA action figures from Hasbro in just over a month until the new season begins. First-generation action figurines from the seasoned toy manufacturer are now available for pre-order for $49,99 each. Although this costs a lot more than the traditional action figures, they do have a few benefits over their traditional equivalents.

What Is Covered by the Deal?

It has never been simpler to put together your ideal squad! Some of the best players in the NBA today are represented in the inaugural edition of the new Starting Lineup action figures. The Joel Embiid figure has an extra set of hands, a flight stand, and a more intricate design than ever before as examples of the added features. Additionally, the action figurines are now 6 inches taller than the ones from the 1990s. NBA action figurines from the past were 4 inches tall and had actual collecting cards.

Basketball fans can now purchase NFTs just as readily as traditional collectible cards. An NFT trading card is produced instantly upon purchase, claims Hasbro Pulse. To access their new NFT cards, purchasers and fans must have a Panini account.

As matter of fact, we can already notice that a lot of people from around the globe are starting to get involved in NFTs, NFT crypto, and the NFT market, including big industries like the NBA.

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