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MyEtherWallet Launched Version Five of its Web Wallet Platform

By Tyler Smith – Cryptocurrency Broker

The popular Ethereum blockchain portal, MyEtherWallet (MEW), has revealed the new interface to their platform in the latest updated version, boasting a complete redesign. The portal has been known for its diverse and comprehensive ability to interact with the Ethereum blockchain but not for its user experience. Now, the developers have a renewed focus on providing a great user experience to increase adoption.

Users have been able to buy crypto compatible with the Ethereum blockchain and store it using this portal, yet the experience wasn’t the easiest and would take someone more familiar with tech to understand. The new design is simple and intuitive as possible to welcome new users whilst respecting the experienced ones.

No data is ever stored when using MEW along with no tracking or monetisation, so users can feel assured that their data is safe. As with any wallet service, security is a major factor and the MEW developers have a strong focus on security and accessibility. The platform is compatible across different devices providing an inviting interface allowing users to buy Ethereum and store using the portal.

As the platform is a portal, it allows for connectivity in the method of your choice such as with a hardware wallet or the MEWconnect app. A user can buy cryptocurrency, having it sent to their Ethereum wallet and track it across different devices. Once in the platform, they’ll gain access to all the comprehensive features like interacting with the smart contracts. The new version even features notifications for further updates on the status of transactions.

As a lot of cryptocurrencies run on their own blockchains which reduces compatibility. There are so many tokens on the Ethereum network that a portal like this can become essential as you have access to many cryptocurrency tokens in one place. Users can buy Ether to purchase these tokens and only need one place to store them.

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