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Multinational E-Commerce Platform Amazon Makes Plans To Accept Bitcoin Investments As Payment

By Luke F - Crypto Investor - 26-07-2021


The goal for cryptocurrency to reach global adoption could happen much faster than anticipated. Around the world, we are beginning to see more retailers accept popular cryptocurrencies, and online shops are integrating crypto payment gateways. You can even buy Bitcoin (BTC) over the counter inside certain retailers as more stores implement Bitcoin ATMs.

Despite the crypto crashes this year, worldwide acceptance for cryptocurrency has yet to slow down. Many crypto enthusiasts are now excited for the latest announcement that Amazon will also be adding cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Amazon's crypto venture is already in motion as they plan to add a payment gateway for cryptocurrency in its platform.

Reportedly, Jeff Bezos himself requested to start integrating crypto into the online conglomerate. And now, thanks to the CEO of Amazon, the project is officially in operation. Before the end of the year, Amazon plans to incorporate Bitcoin payments first before accepting other popular cryptos. For investors that don't hold Bitcoin will be glad to know that there are plans to implement Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as well.

Before the news broke that Amazon is officially integrating cryptocurrency in its business, the company had been seen advertising for a crypto and blockchain specialist and team leader. Reportedly, Amazon is nearing the completion of its crypto project, which surprisingly has been operational since 2019. The two-year crypto venture discovery means that one of the world's most significant companies actively decided to accept crypto before Tesla. 

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