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Most Institutional Investors are not Involved in Bitcoin, According to JPMorgan Survey

By Harry - Crypto Consultant                                                                                     

Although investments from MassMutual, MicroStrategy, Tesla, and many others have graced the cryptocurrency industry, a recent survey by JPMorgan reported that most entities are unwilling to engage in virtual currencies in the coming years.

As per the study released by Business Insider on Wednesday, 78% of institutions have no involvement in the crypto markets. The survey gathered the answers of more than 34,000 investors from more than 1,500 institutions worldwide.

With 89% of respondents stating that their company do not invest in cryptocurrency, this means that only 11% said that they had major trades or Bitcoin investments and other cryptoassets. Of the 89% who do not have active crypto investments, 78% said that their companies were unlikely to invest or exchange in the future.

When asked about their personal position on buying crypto, only 21% saw it as a bubble. 58% of respondents agreed that digital assets are here to remain, while 14% believe that the market should be prevented. The remainding 7% believed that cryptocurrencies were a significant financial commodity.

Surprisingly, many investors have the same concerns as government leaders. 98% of investors agree that theft is a standard occurrence in the crypto industry despite the high return of investments that could be made.

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