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MonkeyLeague NFTs, Raffle in OpenSea's Solana Beta Incoming

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  • MonkeyLeague NFTs will be part of OpenSea's BETA on the Solana chain
  • MonkeyLeague Gen Zero is the collection's name
  • A raffle of a "stacked" Gen Zero Monkey NFT will be held by the MonkeyLeague team

According to an announcement, MonkeyLeague NFTs from the growing play-to-earn esports metaverse will be included in OpenSea's BETA on the Solana chain.

The MonkeyLeague team considers this a triumph since the "choice [to include their collection in OpenSea] is a testimonial to the quality of their NFTs and environment," according to the team. The collection is dubbed "MonkeyLeague Gen Zero" by OpenSea and contains around 14 thousand NFTs, according to the company.

It's worth recalling that with the growth of crypto market, OpenSea declared that Solana had been accepted into its ecosystem via beta. As a result, users may now utilize OpenSea to trade, transfer and buy Solana NFTs. The NFT marketplace has 165 launch partners at the time of its inception, but it plans to "welcome Solana's whole creative community."

The team announced that they would organize a raffle for a "stacked" Gen Zero Monkey NFT to commemorate the occasion. To be eligible, members of the community just merely follow the game's official Twitter account and retweet the OpenSea post.

Each digital asset is distinct from the others based on 32 various characteristics, such as look, gaming talents and game rewards. Because these NFTs function as the P2E's in-game players, gamers are left to design and manage their teams, as well as score their way up the leagues. According to OpenSea data, the collection now has over 3.1 thousand owners, with a floor price of 4.8 SOL and a cryptocurrency trading volume of over 4.4 thousand. MonkeyLeague Gen Zero is also available on Solanart, Solana's first and largest non-financial-to-financial. On the platform, there are 8,000 products available, with 61 already posted.

MonkeyLeague launched its Pioneers Gear-Up event earlier last month, rewarding the metaverse's early investors and players with exceptional incentives. Along with the event announcement, a sneak glimpse of the P2E's gameplay was also revealed.

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