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MOBOX A New Crypto Play-To-Earn to Invest in?

By Kenny S - Bitcoin Enthusiast


In recent years, we have seen more and more play-to-earn games appear in the cryptocurrency trading industry, with games such as Axie Infinity taking the crypto gaming market by storm and attracting many players worldwide. Play-to-earn games are a great way to invest in cryptocurrency for all ages; they also provide a source of information and education to teach people more about financing and how to trade crypto.

There are many crypto games available on the market for anyone to try, although there are multiple that require an initial non-fungible token (NFT) character purchase for users to access the game. Blockchain-based crypto games not only support players with crypto rewards but also allow users to invest through the NFT industry.

One new play-to-earn game investors should keep an eye on is MOBOX (MBOX). MOBOX is another crypto game that has the potential to compete with all the many others within the market. Initially, its native cryptocurrency was showcased in the media when it was featured on Binance's new cryptocurrency Launchpool. After its big reveal on Binance, many people took to the platform to buy MBOX. Combining this fact with the media, there's no surprise that the price for buying MBOX crypto has risen by over 400% within the space of 2 weeks in August.

Reportedly, MOBOX is a free, decentralised finance (DeFi) game that allows users to trade, create and earn NFTs. According to the platform, players can unlock chests to claim their MoMo NFTs that can then be sold and traded. Some NFTs within the game, dubbed as MoMos, can be more valuable than others as a few NFTs hold rare features, but these are hard to acquire. In order to unlock these chests, players need to earn KEY tokens; players would need to either buy the tokens or stake MBOX to earn.

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