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Miny.CC – innovating a solution for cryptocurrency mining, aiming to increase profitability and accessibility for any PC user

By Max Steadman – Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

More than ten years after the successful mining of the first cryptocurrency, the mining sector is more contentious than ever before. Blockchain was designed to be open and transparent, permitting any computer with enough processing power to contribute and maintain the cryptocurrency network and receive rewards in return.

The open-source nature of cryptocurrency has allowed many to come forward and find new ways of innovating and building upon these cryptographic networks. One individual, the ambitious Russian businessman Thomas Norberg is utilizing this capacity and has united with other entrepreneurs to launch MINY, a concept of an enterprise-friendly but unique cloud mining platform.

Miny.cc: What is it?

Miny is mainly a wallet system for cryptocurrency. If a user opens an account on the site, a protected cryptocurrency wallet will be created by default. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and MINY tokens can be deposited into this multi-coin wallet. However, it is their cloud mining strategy that is the rising star for the platform. The scheme is fast and quick to use. The user is required to register an account, deposit crypto-assets into the given wallet and exchange for MINY tokens. The customer will be included in the mining pool where they will receive part of the platform's mining proceeds.

In addition to cloud mining, users can use other resources to make money on the network. MINY, for example, is the native token of the system. The cryptocurrency is generated such that a portion of the blockchain tokens burn with each successful crypto buying transaction. The platform therefore ensures that the amount of MINY tokens circulating over time decreases, meaning the value of the coin will appreciate. Of course, users are then able to use these tokens to buy altcoins and to buy and sell Bitcoin.

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