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MicroStrategy's Bitcoin holdings have grown again

By Jamie - Cryptocurrency Investor - 30/12/2021

Leading crypto platform MicroStrategy has added more Bitcoins (BTC) to its cryptocurrency holdings as they plan to continue buying cryptocurrency. The US business intelligence, software and cloud-based service provider is the largest Bitcoin holder. During December, the firm acquired a further 1,914 Bitcoins, at a time when cryptocurrency trading and buying Bitcoin was receiving much attention from both private and institutional investors.

According to CEO Michael Saylor's latest tweet, the American business intelligence firm spent roughly $94.2 million in total, with an average of $49,229 per Bitcoin for its last acquisition.

This is MicroStrategy's newest Bitcoin-related purchase, and the company's second this month. Michael Saylor announced the purchase of 1,434 Bitcoin for $82.4 million in December, with an average price of $57,477 per Bitcoin.

MicroStrategy is the largest Bitcoin owner at the moment, with approximately 115K Bitcoins in its possession. Its CEO, Michael Saylor, is a vocal proponent of Bitcoin and believes it is the finest store of value asset and encourages the community to buy cheap Bitcoin instantly.

Bitcoin's concentration in corporate hands is growing as corporations like MicroStrategy and Tesla buy substantial quantities of the leading cryptocurrency.

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