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MicroStrategy Is Buying BTC Again—262 In All For $15 Million

By Jamie G. - Cryptocurrency Specialist - 13/03/2021

Just a week ago, MicroStrategy purchased yet a further 205 more Bitcoins (BTC) to add to their stack, this means that they are raising their assets to 91,064 BTC. Now, they are at it once more. Since MicroStrategy's notoriously large Bitcoin purchase back in 2020, the company has regularly made the news and drawn quite a lot of attention to themselves within the crypto world. This time around, the firm bought more Bitcoins—262 BTC for $15 million.

Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, had made a post on popular social platform, Twitter, that the company currently owns a high stock of 91,326 BTCs. At the time of publishing and regarding the crypto market value price, the cumulative amount of their combined Bitcoins is worth more than $5 billion. Saylor points out that the current price to Sell Bitcoin is at $24,214.

At present, MicroStrategy is the only independent publicly traded business intelligence company with a leading business analytics program. The company has been actively buying Bitcoin since 2020, so despite not being in the crypto game for very long, MicroStrategy continues to make huge Bitcoin investments on a regular, yet unpredictable, basis.

Their CEO, Michael Saylor, predicts that 2021 is going to be a prosperous year for Bitcoin investing. The company has closely backed these words with actions as MicroStrategy continues to be in the headlines for its large Bitcoin transactions.

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