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MEXC Global Allows the Purchase of Crypto via MasterCard and Visa

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  • In 180 nations, MEXC Global will now provide the ability to purchase digital currencies using a Visa or Mastercard
  • The foundation for creating agreements with Visa and Mastercard will be laid by the integration of traditional payment methods

On the digital assets and cryptocurrency trading platform MEXC Global, the possibility to buy cryptocurrency using Visa or Mastercard will soon be available in 180 countries, speeding up the procedure.

Global investors may buy up to $5,000's worth of cryptocurrencies in a single transaction, according to the press release provided with CQ. Notably, investors pay reduced costs when using Visa and Mastercard.

Anthony Guo, the director of payments at MEXC Global, commented on the news to integrate bank cards after it was made “MEXC Global is providing its consumers with a quicker, easier, and more connected experience by enabling crypto purchase through Visa and Mastercard directly.

It will be easier for consumers to convert fiat into crypto assets, opening up the ownership of cryptocurrency to millions of individuals where bank card is the primary means of transaction," Guo continued.

Additionally, the MEXC team revealed that by incorporating the traditional payment method, partnerships with Visa and Mastercard will be established on a strong base. This also fits with the exchange's strategy to link cryptocurrencies with recognized financial institutions.

Since then, MEXC has introduced its cryptocurrency OTC payment service and Global Bank Transfer Program, allowing users to deposit and receive US dollars using the SWIFT and FedWire systems. Users may make deposits in USD and withdrawals from nearby banks with no transaction costs in order to buy alt coins.

Additionally, a number of regional payment options are supported by the cryptocurrency exchange, and MEXC has expanded into other countries including Brazil. Users of MEXC can make use of third-party services like Simplex, Banxa, and Mercuryo in addition to peer-to-peer trading.

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