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Metaverse called OVR, that is not centralized like many cryptocurrency trading platforms, Launches Map2Earn, a world reimagined

OVR announces the introduction of its Map2Earn crowd source mapping capability with its AR Decentralized Metaverse platform. Users may take part in a worldwide 3D mapping endeavor called Map2Earn by taking photos of specific areas with their cellphones and receiving the project's native OVR tokens in cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Following that, OVR uses the photographs to generate a thorough 3D map of the environment, which will be one of the cornerstones of OVR's AR/VR Metaverse. In short, OVR's augmented reality (AR) technology, Map2Earn, encourages users to create a full-fledged Metaverse by paying them with native tokens for mapping the world.

OVR claims that by gamifying the experience of mapping the Metaverse, it addresses the requirement for decentralization. The OVR team also asserted that their advanced AI system turns photos taken with users' cellphones into three-dimensional representations of the target locations, supplementing GPS for localizing and displaying particular VR/AR things on personal devices.

As we progress towards the Metaverse, user interaction must become one of its most important mainstays, according to Davide Cuttini, CEO of OVR. “We are ensuring that inclusion is at the very basis of our digital future by inviting people to participate to our project, assisting us in building out the geospatial infrastructure for a wide universe of experiences, and paying them with our tokens.”

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