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Metal Pay Releases New Blockchain Payment Features

By Max S - Crypto Dealer - 12-05-2020


Metal Pay, a banking app for investing in cryptocurrency, allows users to create a free bank account to buy and sell cryptocurrency. Metal Pay is established with the Proton mainnet and helps bring together payment gateways and banks to make them compatible. The new public blockchain platform Proton (XPR) is built with a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus. The blockchain enables transactions of digital assets and funds to be sent to various channels. 

In an interview with Cointelegraph, the CEO of Metal Pay stated that the company combines banking and blockchain technology. He stated that Metal Pay is essentially a universal platform for the payment industry. Users of the platform are about to transact between native and non-native platforms; however, this can only be done providing that the payment platforms have integrated Proton. Proton has a native cryptocurrency dubbed XPR, where users can buy Proton XPR to use for staking and governance within the network.

In comparison to other payment platforms, Metal Pay does not run as a solo system; many other platforms operate on their own despite users wanting the ability to cross-interact with multiple payment networks. A way to explain this is if a user to a well-known payment platform wanted to send money to another user, they would only be able to do this if the recipient also had an account with the same payment service. Hayner went on to say that Metal Pay doesn't need any particular platform to work as it recognises "fiat funding sources and linked identity."

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