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MetaJuice is the world’s first blockchain company founded by a metaverse

Together Labs (www.togetherlabs.com) has launched MetaJuice, a new blockchain company that will feed the metaverse economy. MetaJuice is a blockchain-based marketplace that allows anybody to build, earn, control and change the metaverse of the future. The platform can be used to buy Bitcoin and used as a tool to i VCOIN, VCORE, and NFT’s are all brought to the market by MetaJuice.

"The great majority of today's metaverses are restricted or walled platforms, preventing users from earning and experiencing genuine ownership," stated John Burris, President of MetaJuice and Chief Strategy Officer of Together Labs.

"By utilising blockchain technology, MetaJuice will unleash the full potential of the metaverse for consumers and pave the way for them to not only participate in, but also define the metaverse's future." These crypto currency assets will be published by MetaJuice first in the large IMVU metaverse that has +1,000,000 daily active users on average and then in Together Labs’ new metaverse, WithMe. While these crypto market investments will first be available on the Together Labs platforms, Metajuice’s desire is for users to be able to freely connect, earn and own assets across all metaverse platforms.

"Together Labs has always been a metaverse trailblazer. With the debut of our new blockchain entity and cutting-edge digital currencies and NFTs, we will continue to lead the way" Together Labs' Chief Executive Officer, Daren Tsui, stated.

"We'll start by allowing blockchain on our platforms, then leverage that experience to enable all users to travel and transact effortlessly between worlds."

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