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Messari Releases New Index for the ‘Real 10’ Crypto Exchanges and ‘Liquid Market Cap’

By Jamie Green – Crypto Expert

Messari, the cryptocurrency market research site for crypto professionals, announced the addition of two critical new metrics available on their OnChainFX dashboard. The new indexes include the ‘Real 10 Volume’ tracking ten top exchanges and the ‘Liquid Market Cap’ index, both to aid investors with buying and selling Bitcoin.

The ‘Real 10’ in the name of the Index refers to ten exchanges that Messari believes have reported significant and genuine cryptocurrency trading volumes. All the exchanges are known for selling crypto and leaders in the industry. The exchanges include Binance, Bitfinex, Bitflyer, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, Gemini, itBit, Kraken and Poloniex and are all facilitating trades to sell cryptocurrency.

The cryptocurrency markets have recently been rife with rumours that some exchanges are manipulating their volumes. Messari have said their price methodology was already accounting for discrepancies between exchanges and other components which led them to develop the ‘Real 10’ Index. The index will provide a true indication of the volumes traded on the major exchanges to help an investor determine when to cash out Bitcoin.

The index currently tracks ten major exchanges but Messari have stated plans to work with others to add their order book data. These exchanges will need to onboard through Messari’s new exchange disclosures register but could help legitimise their trading volumes for selling Bitcoin online.

In tandem with the ‘Real 10’ index, Messari are launching the ‘Liquid Market Cap’ index, accurately depicting volume-weighted prices as well as liquid supply estimates for the outstanding network value of top cryptocurrencies. This index looks at the top 50 assets. Messari believe collaborating with other industry aggregators will help improve the quality and consistency for cryptocurrency market data.

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