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MECI COIN (MECI) Teams Up With FY Entertainment for Southeast Regional Joint Marketing and Business Cooperation

Dave - Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

MECI COIN (MECI) disclosed that it had partnered with FY Entertainment in a commercial transaction. According to the contract, MECI, a P2E blockchain-based game platform, and FY Entertainment, a media partner, shall collaborate on joint marketing and business endeavors.

Additionally, as per the deal, FY Entertainment will partner with MECI in a number of ways to develop a global network. The user will be given access to a variety of service-type infrastructure by FY Entertainment, which will help them to overcome the obstacles preventing them from entering the virtual world.

Especially noteworthy is FY Entertainment's emphasis on promoting K-Culture across Southeast Asia. FY engages in a wide range of initiatives to spread and imprint Korean content and culture to the general public in sectors such movies, music, events, KOL, and KOC in order to reciprocate its purpose of promoting K-Culture.

Therefore, FY Entertainment will take advantage of this chance to present blockchain technology as a "K-Culture" event in the Southeast Asian market. By implementing this strategy in Vietnam, FY Entertainment will thereafter examine if it will have a favorable effect on Korea's industrial technologies.

MECI will simultaneously launch "Metaverse" technology across Southeast Asia. By creating a metaverse through MECI's main net, users will be able to take advantage of numerous blockchain-based online social RNG games. Additionally, MECI, a P2E blockchain-based game platform, would let users profit from playing different games in an online environment.

"Through this business agreement, we expect to create synergy through collaboration in NFT and game businesses by establishing a bridgehead for entering the Southeast Asian market, starting with Vietnam, and utilizing FY Entertainment's business network, such as Vietnam-based influencer management and B2B commerce," a MECI official who highlighted the potential of this agreement said.

Project itself holds huge potential since gaming culture is especially big in Asian countries.  If the project is successful, it will bring a lot of attention to the NFT market and non-fungible tokens overall. The idea of earning money while playing games at a professional or unprofessional level seems too good to be true, but involvement from such big companies as Metaverse may push it to triumph. As it may happen, we could see a major push in the whole Web3 model, as more people will be investing in cryptocurrency and NFT crypto.

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