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McDonald’s Enters the Metaverse

David - Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

McDonald's has partnered with digital content creator Karen X Cheng for its Lunar New Year campaign, which aims to celebrate the holiday in an innovative way. Cheng, whose work often goes viral and incorporates AI and AR, created a 30-second commercial for the fast-food giant that features a QR code call-to-action directing viewers to additional campaign components. 

The commercial is based on Cheng's personal memories of the holiday and uses NeRF technology. In addition to the traditional metaverse experiences such as virtual reality zoos, cooking competitions and traditional Chinese games, the campaign also includes a new investment opportunity for cryptocurrency enthusiasts by allowing them to invest in Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) and crypto asset management using a ledger with metamask.

McDonald's hopes the ‘tech-forward’ initiative will both celebrate the holiday and support the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. The campaign includes a variety of metaverse experiences such as virtual reality zoos, cooking competitions, and traditional Chinese games, as well as an individualizable 3D avatar that allows users to explore the world and message friends. 

By incorporating cryptocurrency investment options, McDonald's is providing a unique and modern way for users to participate in the celebration of the Lunar New Year.

Overall, the collaboration with Karen X Cheng, who is known for her work in media and technology, will help McDonald’s to create a cutting-edge and engaging campaign that appeals to a wide range of audiences and celebrates the Lunar New Year in an exciting and innovative way, including the opportunity to invest in NFTs and crypto assets.

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