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Mayor Wants To Gift Missouri With Bitcoin Investments

By Harry B - Crypto Speculator - 30-08-2021

Gradually, the acceptance of investing in Bitcoin (BTC) has spread globally, with many countries beginning to adopt the crypto giant. In more recent news for BTC adoption, a mayor from Missouri has shown a keen interest in Bitcoin buying.

Mayor Jayson Stewart has made a statement that he wants to gift each resident in Missouri $1000 in BTC. With this, the mayor has requested that all who accept must "hodl" for at least five years. Hodl, short for "Hold On for Dear Life" (and also a play on words for the word "hold") is often used in the cryptocurrency trading community to express whether a trader should hold an investment.

The mayor reportedly stated to KSDK that he plans to create a funding round in order to provide each citizen with around $1000 worth of Bitcoin. If the fundraiser is successful, a Missouri municipality could be the first to hand out cryptocurrency in the entirety of the United States. Furthermore, the Missouri Mayor has stated that he plans to provide free seminars to his citizens. The free seminars are said to educate people on how to invest and hold crypto safely and securely. 

Jayson Stewart further went on to talk about how digital currencies could be considered as "digital gold." The reason for the mayor’s bold statement claiming that crypto is digital gold is due to how many people he knows personally had their lives transformed from crypto investments. Within an interview, Jayson explained that many of his acquaintances went from working regular 9-5 jobs to having a net worth of around $80 million within a short time.

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