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Mastercard set to Launch their Cryptocurrency Card Payment Program

By Harry Biswell – Crypto Specialist

Mastercard has been reaching out to different cryptocurrency corporations in an effort to establish partnerships as they plan on launching their own cryptocurrency trading services and payment card scheme. On 20th July this year, Mastercard published a statement encouraging new users to enter the scheme and that they are making this transition as user-friendly as possible. With the level of ease as their priority, providing participants comply with requirements, Mastercard are adamant that onboarding should take no longer than ‘a matter of weeks.’   

In another statement, Mastercard executives emphasize that new partners will have available assistance and will be allowed to implement proprietary protocols and technology for cybersecurity intentions. With cybersecurity being Mastercard’s main focus, they have suggested that any company collaborating with their platform must follow all policies and regulations, as well as providing transparent and equal chances to all core clientele. This includes corporate banks and network operators, alongside private contractors.

Mastercard, WIREX & Crypto with Credit Card

As more details are released regarding Mastercard’s crypto scheme, the organization has announced the exchange platform, Wirex as its new partner. The payment-processing platform, who are based in London, UK, will become the first primary relationship for Mastercard who are native to the cryptocurrency industry.

With this development, Wirex are now capable of issuing crypto payment cards directly to their customers. Participants will be able to effortlessly convert their digital currencies into fiat. Once converted, this same card can then subsequently be used for retail store purchases for regular payments accepted via Mastercard. 

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