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Mastercard Launches Limited-Edition NFT for Musicians and Kicks Off Web3 Music Plan

CJ - Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

Mastercard, one of the world's largest payment processing companies, has taken another step into the world of Web3 technologies by launching a limited-edition Mastercard NFT at NFT.NYC 2023. This move marks the launch of the Mastercard Artist Accelerator Program for new musicians. The Mastercard Music Pass NFT enables users to join the accelerator program, which provides free educational materials, AI tools, resources to help musicians grow their careers and better understand the NFT Market.

Young Athena, Manu Manzu, LeriQ, Emily Vu and Cocoa Sarai were the five new artists chosen by Mastercard to participate in the accelerator programme when it first began. To kickstart their content creation, receive mentorship, and learn how to use blockchain to sell their work and grow a fanbase, these artists will work with Warpsound's AI music studio while being guided by five industry experts.

By utilising Web3 and NFT crypto blockchain technology, Mastercard's Artist Accelerator Program is an illustration of the company's dedication to empowering up-and-coming musicians. Artists can have successful careers and contribute to the constantly changing fields of music and technology by learning how to successfully traverse the digital non fungible tokens landscape and monetize their work.

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