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Ledger Boosts the Storage on Nano X Crypto Hardware Wallet

By Mark Lemon – Cryptocurrency Specialist

The unveiling of Ledgers latest device took place on the 6th January 2018 and is called the Nano X. It’s a Bluetooth-enabled device to store your private keys to keep crypto assets safe wherever you are and when buying and selling Bitcoin. It was suggested that the best way to protect your assets is by keeping them offline, so this new offering makes it even more secure for storage.

Ledger has been developing security and infrastructures to find solutions to Bitcoin investing and buying crypto safely. It has been working on blockchain applications for companies as well as individuals in helping protect crypto asset management with the most advanced hardware wallets available.

The USB devices created by Ledger are hardware wallets with little inner screens used to authorise crypto buying and provides an alternative to the current cloud-based wallets and exchanges. It has more analogue capacity for cold storage. The hardware wallet keeps your encrypted private keys to various crypto assets separately from other devices, whilst allowing users to check their balance and send and receive payments.

The Nano X offers six times the storage capacity for up to 100 different crypto assets, which is likely to encourage people to buy Bitcoin online and help the crypto market grow. It has a redesigned interface and a bigger built in screen. The Bluetooth feature can connect to a mobile app called Ledger Live Mobile which is the company’s second new creation.

As devices like this makes it safer to buy cryptocurrency UK, we can help start or expand your digital assets by clicking here to make a purchase.

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