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League of Ancients: The First Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

By Mark – Cryptocurrency Expert - 31/12/2021

After a lengthy wait, the gaming and cryptocurrency trading space has finally received some fantastic news! There are many more excellent games that allow gamers to profit from their gaming time. Hundreds of video games and cryptocurrency trading platforms have embraced the play-to-earn approach in recent years and for many in the community, League of Ancients is just one of the most popular earn-to-play games available.

League of Ancients blends popular MOBA gaming components with a play-to-earn paradigm, ensuring that players get the experience and incentives they deserve. As the League of Ancients community expands, new heroes and features are added to the metaverse, letting people to level up their characters in combat. The League of Ancients wants to create an environment in which everyone is treated equally and encouraged to participate and earn. Players may control their assets and contribute to their progress by providing comments and ideas.

The LOA is the game's currency.

Only a fourth of the token supply is available to players (or 250M). In comparison to other blockchain games, 25% is a small fraction. 80 million tokens are set aside for NFT staking, while 150 million are held in reserve. 

The LOA BEP-20 (Binance Smart Chain) Token is the in-game money, with a total quantity of 1 billion. You can Buy BNB with credit card on our platform to start your NFT journey today. Winning 5v5 matches will get you LOA. NFT matches, predictably, reward more LOA BEP-20 tokens to players than ordinary matches. Gaming awards can help gamers acquire more efficient gaming equipment in addition to improving their gaming skills. Gamers are granted tokens based on the amount of time they spend on the gaming platform due to a play-to-earn mechanism. Gamers may cash our crypto or use it to buy gaming equipment or other items.

For gamers seeking amazing gameplay, League of Ancients stands out as a game-changer. It already has a number of unique and great traits and qualities, and there will be more to come. If you are looking to Buy altcoins and explore the metaverse space, sign up on our platform to have access to our services. Learn how to Sell your own cheap cryptocurrency and begin trading today!

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