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Leading toy companies launched NFTs through carbon-neutral blockchain

By Max - Crypto Dealer - 12-31-21

There is no doubt that NFTs are taking the digital world by storm. Their convenience, authenticity, and inclusivity are what makes them so popular. Engagement has always been promoted and encouraged by the community as NFTs can be interdependent on the success of other NFTs. This makes the trading process a lot more efficient with cryptocurrency exchange platforms that are also the best websites to buy Bitcoin (BTC).

With toymakers including NFTs into their operations and the toy sector’s growth of investing in Cryptocurrency, it’s safe to say that they have grown to appreciate the market. One of the many partnerships that consistently manifest this value for NFTs is the Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX)’s collaboration with pioneering toy companies: Funko, Mattel and Hasbro. Through these collaborations, the three have created their own line of collectibles. “WAX is starting to see adoption on a large scale for this fascinating new technology," says WAX Product Manager Lee Jenkins.

Toy enthusiasts and members of the NFT community alike would have to expect different launch dates for the collectibles. With the eco-friendly blockchain’s help, toy creators are able to easily produce their NFTs. Last November 16th, Mattel launched their Hot Wheels Garage NFTs. The collection has four versions of over 97,200 collectibles. Another example is Hasbro’s limited-edition collectible which was released in October. All in all, fans were able to get a hold of 4000 digital items, using them to redeem real cash.

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