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KuCoin to Establish New Virtual Office Bloktopia Metaverse

As the enthusiasm grows around metaverse projects, virtual worlds continue to expand and develop.  According to reports, a major cryptocurrency exchange platform, KuCoin, is currently planning to open a virtual office in the metaverse. According to KuCoin’s announcement, the cryptocurrency platform that allows users to buy and sell Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoins is assembling its office in the virtual space of decentralised metaverse Blocktopia’s tower. Tuesday’s announcement also confirmed that KuCoin will be joining the metaverse by opening a skyscraper-style headquarters on virtual reality platform Blocktopia.

Within the Bloktopia (BLOK) metaverse, it is rumoured that all content providers must be contained within their own unique structure such as Polygon (MATIC) and Avalanche (AVAX). The virtual skyscraper contains 21 stories, that number being a nod to the 21 million market supply of Bitcoin (BTC). In the announcement, KuCoin stated that Bloktopia participants can freely engage and communicate with each other in the virtual space, with even the functionality to design cyberpunks.

KuCoin has fully embraced metaverse by supporting two metaverse tokens on the exchange platform. The two newest coin integrations on the KuCoin platform are BLOK, Bloktopia’s native crypto token, and DREAMS, Dreams quest’s utility token. Dream Quest is a decentralised blockchain-based gaming platform that aims to establish itself in the metaverse economy. Many other notable corporations, businesses and platforms have already announced their eagerness to participate in the metaverse. Some major companies, including Facebook, Nike and Microsoft, are all joining the metaverse following its development.

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