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Kryptomon Unveils Location-Based Real-Life NFT Game and Launches "Living NFTS" on Blockchain

Jamie – Cryptocurrency Professional - 01/01/2022

Crypto buying platforms are entering the NFT space at an increasing rate as the digital asset trend continues its momentum. Kryptomon, a blockchain-based NFT Play-and-Earn game where Pokémon meets CyptoKitties and Tamagotchi, has become the first gaming business in the world to create an "alive" NFT. Kryptomon is unique in the crypto realm since it allows users, known as trainers, to care for their Kryptomon in the hopes of one day becoming the champion of the Kryptomon League. Kryptomons, like other living creatures, replicate the characteristics of a living pet, including likes and dislikes, preferred diets and immune systems. To start your NFT journey, Buy Ethereum on our platform today.

The Full Moon Treasure Hunt campaign was also created by the corporation. Players all across the world have been using their mobile devices to track down various Kryptomon treasure boxes as well as eggs, starting on December 19, 2021, in a way reminiscent to the famous Pokémon Go. The Full Moon Treasure Hunt is the first of its type in the cryptocurrency trading GameFi industry, bringing the metaverse and the actual world together. It also allows users to seek for and earn NFTs in the real world via a location-based game that allows NFTs to be minted straight into their digital wallets for the first moment.

According to corporate statistics, over 4,000 participants took part in the three-day event, with trainers winning a total of $156,000 in eggs and prize boxes. The rarest reward, a Generation 0 Kryptomon egg, was discovered by a lucky user. Given that only 100 Generation 0 eggs will ever be produced, and the last one sold for more than $25,000, the player's recent triumph might net him more than $25,000 if he decides to sell.

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