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Kate Moss Is Planning To Sell Crypto Artwork with Her Own NFTs

By Mark L - Cryptocurrency Dealer - 09/04/2021

Entering the growing $29 billion non-fungible token markets, English supermodel Katherine (Kate) Ann Moss has made plans to sell several NFTs.

The winner of the "Model of The Year" award back in 2006 has now produced three videos of herself that will be turned into and be auctioned off as non-fungible tokens on the Foundation marketplace on Tuesday, April 13, 2021.

A non-fungible token or NFT, is another type of cryptoasset. It uses blockchain technology and consensus mechanisms to authenticate digital pieces of art and its ownership. In recent months, the crypto asset management space has moved more toward NFT’s and online collectibles, providing content creators with further crypto outlets for publishing their work and receiving payment.

For this reason, the NFT market has gained substantial momentum within the last few months, with Mike Beeple's EVERDAYS; FIRST 5000 DAYS artwork becoming one of the most expensive and well-known NFT sales to date.

In an email that was written to reporters, the mother-of-one had announced that NFTs provide her with an opportunity to participate and join the community, while still establishing and gaining complete ownership of her brand.

All of the individual NFTs which have been titled "moments" will be sold as an entire unit in the marketplace. The auction winner will also receive a recorded audio certification from Kate Moss herself.

The former Louis Vuitton model, known for her charitable work, had announced that an amount of the money made from the auction would benefit the Adwoa Aboah Gurl Talk Foundation.

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